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1.Evangeline Playboy Special
2. Hé, Mom
3. The Blues de Bosco
4.‘Tit Mamou
5.La ‘Tite Robe Courte
6.Les Flammes d’Enfer
7.Adieu Rosa
8.The Midland Two-Step
9.The High Point Two Step
10.Amede Two Step



sav fam 1st cd

"...an Acadian gem..."-Billboard Magazine

"...compelling, if not an early contender for one of the best of the year..exhilarating, haunting, and representing their most diverse project yet..." -Offbeat Magazine

(listen to "Savoy Family Band Cajun Album")


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sav fam cd2

“If there is such a thing as Cajun aristocracy, Marc and Ann Savoy must be its king and queen...the Savoy kids are just as brilliant as their parents already fully mature musicians in their twenties..Marc Savoy is..the finest Cajun accordion player of the era. He has impeccable taste, is creative without ever being affected, and plays as hot as anyone yet his playing always sounds very relaxed, as if he’s having the time of his life...Wilson Savoy is a powerhouse on the keyboard, whether it’s piano or accordion..and he’s also a terrific jazz pianist...Joel Savoy’s beautiful fiddling evokes the Balfa Brothers right down to the tone of the violin..Ann grounds the whole thing with her rock solid guitar playing..her vocals, always wonderful, sound better than ever.”
-Old Time Herald

(listen to "Savoy Family Turn Loose But Don't Let Go")

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